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Why buy from Cash Converters Webshop?

You can feel comfortable buying from Cash Converters Webshop as we are a recognised brand that has been operating in Australia since 1984. With over 140 stores Australia wide you can trust us to deliver the very highest of standards in everything that we do. When you buy goods from Cash Converters, you can buy with confidence, because each and every product we sell on Webshop and from our extensive store network has been thoroughly checked and cleaned and is covered by the Cash Converters warranty.

Here's how Webshop, our online shop, works: If you choose to Bid at Auction you may well be bidding against other individuals from around the country however you are actually buying the goods from Cash Converters. All the products you see on Webshop have been purchased by one of our stores. The items are owned by the store, having been fully tested by the store. Most items are covered by a Warranty from the store. We do not sell any items that are owned by anyone else. So when you buy from us, your purchase is fully protected.

We have worked hard to make shopping at Cash Converters Webshop is an enjoyable and risk-free experience. We hope you enjoy bidding and buying on Webshop, safe in the knowledge that you really can buy with confidence.

Buying Safely

Follow this checklist and you'll be prepared to make a smart, safe purchase on Cash Converters Webshop.

  • Learn all you can about the item. Read the item description carefully. Make sure you understand all the details about postage, insurance and payment options. Avoid making assumptions about details that aren't included.
  • Research the item's value. Look at similar completed Cash Converters Webshop listings, visit online stores that sell similar items, ask friends, and determine what the item is worth in any other way you can think of.
  • Decide the maximum you're willing to pay for the item. Use the information you've gathered so far (taking into consideration how much you want the item, how difficult it will be for you to find another one, how soon you need it, and so on) and come up with the highest price you're willing to pay.
  • Consider Buy it Now. Does the listing you're interested in have a Buy it Now option? If so, consider whether you are willing to pay the Buy it Now price in order to guarantee that you get the item and that you get it right away.
  • Make every bid a serious one. Don't bid on multiple similar items from different stores if you only want one. You could end up the winning bidder in more than one auction!

What is Cash Converters Warranty Policy?

When purchasing goods from Cash Converters either in store or online at Webshop, customers are entitled to assume:-

  • The goods they are purchasing are of satisfactory quality.
  • The goods are fit for all purposes for which they are supplied.
  • The goods are safe and durable.
  • That where any written description is applied to the goods, that the goods match that description.

If the above are breached, the customer may be entitled to certain remedies which include repair, replacement and refund. The customer should contact the store where the item(s) was purchased through the Webshop Contact Us.


You don't need to register to browse on Webshop but you do need to be registered to start bidding or placing items in your basket. All Webshop items are also available for purchase in the Cash Converters store that listed the item. Once you have it in your basket, or your bid has met reserve, we are holding this item for you so we want to make sure you're serious!

I can't register

We have experienced some problems with the registration email not being delivered due to the word "Cash" in our name. Please check your spam filter or junk mail box.

If you still can't find the email please use the "contact us" link and be sure to send the username you registered with.

I’m registered but I can’t login to Webshop.

You need to allow cookies to be able to login to Webshop. Please check your browser settings - you may have downloaded an upgrade to your browser without even realising it.

To check your cookies are active in Internet Explorer open the broswer and go to Tools and then Internet Options and check in the privacy options.

If you are unable to find the registration confirmation email click here to resend the registration email to yourself


Bidding and Buying

Stores choose to list an item as a "Buy it Now" only, "Auction" only or a combination of Buy it Now and Auction. When an item is listed with a combination of Buy it Now and Auction, the Buy it Now option drops off when the Auction reserve price has been met.

How do I bid and buy from Webshop?

If you select an item that is listed as a Buy it Now only it will be placed in your basket and you have 30 minutes to pay. Webshop accepts credit card and paypal payment methods.

An Auction item is only sold if a bid exceeds the reserve price. The item is marked as "Reserve Met" as soon as a bid has met the reserve price. If an item is listed with a combination of Buy it Now and Auction, the Buy it Now option drops off when the Auction reserve price has been met.

When bidding in an Auction you are entering into a contract to purchase the item. At the end of the Auction, as long as the reserve has been met, the highest bidder wins the item and is automatically informed that they are the winner. The winning bidder has 3 days (72 hours) to make payment. Please note that non-payment is a breach of contract and can result in the account being terminated.

However, if the payment is not received the item is automatically offered to the second highest bidder (providing their bid was above the reserve) and they are informed that they are the winner and have 2 days (48 hours) to pay for the item.

What is proxy bidding?

Webshop uses an automatic bidding system to make the process more convenient and less time-consuming for buyers. Here's how bidding works:

When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you'd be willing to pay for the item. Your maximum amount is kept confidential from other bidders and the seller.

Webshop compares your bid to those of the other bidders.

Webshop places bids on your behalf, using only as much of your bid as is necessary to maintain your high bid position (or to meet the reserve price). The system will bid up to your maximum amount.

If another bidder has a higher maximum, you'll be outbid. BUT, if no other bidder has a higher maximum, you win the item.

This type of bidding can result in you paying less than your maximum price and means you don't have to keep coming back to re-bid every time another bid is placed.

In Reserve Price Auctions, if your maximum bid is the first to be greater than the seller's reserve price, the system will automatically jump the price up to meet the reserve, and bidding will continue.

If you place a bid which is the same as a previous bidders maximum amount the previous bid takes precedence.

The bid increments are based on the following criteria:

Current Price Increment
$0.00 - $19.99$0.50
$20.00 - $49.99$1.00
$50.00 - $499.99$5.00
$500.00 - $4,999.99$10.00
$5,000.00 - No Limit$50.00

A bidder may be outbid by less than a full increment. This would happen if the winning bidder's maximum bid beats the second highest maximum by an amount less than the full increment.


We currently accept payment via Paypal or Credit Card [Visa or Mastercard] on Webshop. These payments are processed by a third-party provider – we do not hold any payment details. Webshop items must be paid for online and cannot be paid for in store.

How long does it take to process and deliver my order?

Once the payment has been cleared and the money received by Cash Converters, items are dispatched within one business day.

For your protection some orders require verification before they are approved. Credit Card orders selected for verification require the cardholder to check their bank account (internet banking or phone banking) and confirm the actual amount charged to his or her credit card.

Some PayPal orders are reviewed by our Webshop Administration Team and in these instances you may be contacted and asked for additional information such as a Driver’s Licence or 18+ Card.
Orders selected for review and/or verification will not be dispatched until the information has been received and verified.

Some payments may be declined.

Can I pick my item up in store?

Yes, at the time of checkout you are asked if you would like to pick the item up from the Cash Converters store where the item is located. If you select this option the postage, if any, is automatically removed prior to payment.

Can I pay for the item in store?

No, if you have won an auction or have an item in your basket in Webshop you cannot pay for the item in store. You must complete the payment process via Webshop and wait for confirmation from Cash Converters that the payment has cleared prior to going into the store to collect the item.

You can of course go into the store that listed an item and purchase it directly in store. However, there is a risk that the item is purchased by someone else before you get there.


The postage cost is clearly listed on all items so there is no surprise when you come to check out.

Items are sent directly from the Cash Converters store that listed the item. Australia Post is our national carrier and most items can be tracked via eParcel and require a signature upon delivery.

Once an item is dispatched you are sent an email that contains the postage reference. This reference number can be used to track the progress of your delivery via the Australia Post web site at:


Can I pick my item up in store?

Yes, at the time of checkout you are asked if you would like to pick the item up from the Cash Converters store where the item is located. If you select this option the postage, if any, is automatically removed prior to payment.

Can I get a postage discount if I buy multiple items?

If you purchase multiple items from the same store in the one transaction a postage discount will be automatically applied. It takes the highest postage value first and then discounts all subsequent postage amounts by 50%. So for example, if you purchased 3 items with a postage cost of $10, $6 and $4 you would pay a total of $15 (instead of $20).

Please note if multiple items are purchased but are from different stores, no discount will be applied.

Webshop Products

Where do the products come from?

Items listed on Webshop are located in the Cash Converters store specified in the listing. Stores can choose which items to list on Webshop

Do you have more stock in your stores?

Yes, when you search for an item on Webshop it will first display all items that have been listed by the Cash Converters store – these items have a photograph, a full description and are available for purchase – Buy it Now or bid in the Auction.

Below these items Webshop will display "Additional Items Available In Store". These items will display basic information with a link to "Find out More". Selecting this link will send a message to the Webshop operator within the Cash Converters store where the item is located. The Webshop operator will then list the item – add a photograph, additional description, postage information and make it available for purchase – Buy it Now or to bid at Auction.

Also please note that not all Australian stores choose to list items on Webshop. For a full list of Australian stores please use the Store Locator.

Can I list something for sale on Webshop?

Items available for sale on Webshop are all available from one of our Cash Converters stores. To sell something to Cash Converters please see the Sell to Cash Converters information.

Sell to Cash Converters

How do I sell something to Cash Converters?

As you can appreciate there are many variables with second-hand goods so in most instances you will need to take the item(s) into a store. You may like to call the store first to check that they are interested in the items you have for sale.

Unfortunately we are not able to give you a price via email without seeing the item.

You can find your local store at: http://www.cashconverters.com.au/storelocator/

Please note that if selling to us you will also need 100 points of ID - this varies by state, click here to see full details.